Here are some testimonials from real people whose lives were improved by our services. Names have been changed and pictures have been edited to protect the identity of the customers.

My neighbor let his dogs crap on my yard and then denied it. I couldn't see us reaching an agreement, so I consulted Hire-A-Killer and they gave me a great rate and an extremely fast service. Now I have a clean yard and new pet-less neighbors. Thanks H.A.K.!

- Bill K., W. Virginia

My husband left me for his secretary so I killed him and got tons of insurance money. Thank you H.A.K. for making it possible!

- Joan W., Ohio

My future mother-in-law was driving me crazy and turning my fiance against me. H.A.K. provided me with the best wedding gift I could ever wish for. Their mother's day special was unbeatable!

- Toby L., New Hampshire

When I found out that my boyfriend cheated on me with my best friend, the pain of their betrayal was unbearable. I knew that I could never trust either of them again, so I took advantage of H.A.K.'s "buy one get one half off" offer and let the traitors be together till death did them apart. Thanks to Hire-a-Killer, I can finally move on with my life again!

-Mary G., California

I'm in a business that requires a lot of "waste management", so I knew I needed a reliable partner to take care of things for me. H.A.K. gave me a bulk discount and has never been anything less than perfect. Really the top in the field!

- Tony S., New Jersey

Our parents didn't approve of our lifestyle, so we killed them and moved to Philadelphia where we live happily together. Thanks H.A.K.!

- Travis & Ashton, Pennsylvania

My kids were pressuring me about my will and would talk about what they would do with the money in front of me. So I called Hire-a-Killer and had them killed in a tragic accident. I used the money from their life insurance to go on a cruise! Thanks H.A.K.!

- Susan K., Florida

Several years ago this famous West Coast rapper was stealing my beats and wouldn't give me any credit. So I contacted Hire-a-Killer and had the thief whacked. Now nobody messes with my s&*#!

- Chris W., New York

My teaching assistant gave me a bad grade, even after I paid for the keg at her party and made out with her to boot. I felt betrayed and abandoned. I feel much better now that she's six feet under my porch. Thank you H.A.K. for protecting my GPA!

- Sara T., Southern Illinois University


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