Isn't killing people against the law?
It depends. Yes, there are laws that make it illegal to kill other people, but there are always exceptions. Under certain conditions, for instance in times of war or during self-defense, it is okay to kill.

Laws aren't permanent, and they change. At one point, it was illegal to drink alcohol and illegal for women to vote. Some countries don't even have clear rules on legality of killing. Your government pays people to kill all the time. Why can't you do the same?

Isn't killing people immoral?
Hire-a-Killer does not condone violence or murder. We will not accept any requests for cruel or unusual treatment of targets. The truth is, in any relatively free society, if there's a demand for a service, a business is going to emerge to meet that demand. In America and other industrialized nations, there is a demand for contract killing and Hire-a-Killer is trying to meet that demand in a friendly and professional manner. We do not presume to dictate an inhumane set of morals, we are first and foremost a business organization that seeks to make its customers happy.

How can I be sure that I am safe if I use your services?
Hire-a-Killer understands the risk involved in taking out a contract on someone's life. That is why we make sure that our transactions are as discreet and confidential as possible. We also guarantee your innocence by providing you with a helpful packet that includes tips on how to obtain an alibi during the time and date of the hit. We suggest that you delete all e-mail correspondences with H.A.K. as soon as you read them and follow the instructions in the provided packet to guarantee your safety.

How will I know if you've done your end of the deal?
At the end of the job, you will receive a friendly completion e-mail that will alert you that the services you requested have been completed successfully.

What methods of payment do you accept?
We strongly encourage you to use cash or wire transfers via Western Union, because they are the safest, most untracable methods of transferring funds. However, we realize that many people may not have the amount of money to pay for the services of a professional killer all at once, which is why we've made the decision to accept credit cards. As of now, we accept Visa, MasterCards and Discover.

I'm an aspiring contract killer. How can I get a job with
Hire a killer is very selective about choosing its employees, however, as our business expands, we will be interviewing candidates to add to our expert team. Send your resume to


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